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Module 1 Summary
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HELP, I Can't Find my ID or CREDIT CARD:

What Should I Do?
Misplacing or even losing your credit card(s) does not have to be a personal crisis. Frustrating, annoying, aggravating, YES. But, it should not turn a bad hair day into a sleepless night. You have enough to worry about at school! With the easy step-by-step guidance of this module, the inevitable "disappearing" wallet or purse will become an irritating inconvenience rather than a financial crisis.

Don't be "CLUELESS!"

Find out how to reduce some stress in your life. After all, you have enough to worry about with that upcoming Econ exam. Not to mention your "hot" date this weekend.

Table of Contents

Part I:
Lost Credit Card
Financial Liability

Part II:
Credit Card Information Management
Credit Card Security
Top Ten Tips Against Fraud

This module is Normally $10, but today is ... Gratis ... A REAL DEAL!


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