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With Clinton's pocket veto of the Bankruptcy Reform Act, the future of legislation regulating credit cards and consumer bankruptcy is now the responsibility of the nearly evenly divided U.S. Congress. (For a summary of the criticism of the Bankruptcy Reform Act, see the report of the American Bankruptcy Institute and the press releases of the Consumer Federation of America)

Although public support is growing for the regulation of credit card marketing at institutions of higher education, the prospects of enacting such restrictive legislation is currently unlikely. For links to proposals in the last legislative session, see the federal legislation page. For the proposals by the Democrats of the House Financial Services Committee, see the Financial Services Committee Democrats site.

In the last three years, there have been a wide range of legislative proposals, in at least eighteen states, to either regulate or study the regulation of credit cards for those under 21. Most often, these proposals have sought to limit the access of credit card companies to college campuses.

Those with JavaScript enabled browsers can see a national map. Those without can proceed directly to an alphabetical list of the states and their proposals

For those interested in coordination of political activities on these issues, see the "Credit Cards and College Students" page of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCLS) site.


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