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Financial Education

The objective of our educational program is to explain how individuals can empower themselves by better understanding the financial issues that create emotional and economic stress.

Our program begins with assessment quizzes that compare your knowledge of amusing cultural information with important practical information on the use of credit cards. The focus is on the early use of credit cards (typically in college and increasingly high school). Your individual performance then directs you to a level in the 3-step credit card education program (novice-intermediate-advanced). These modules include interactive examples with our "Debt Zapper" calculator.

Based on individual experience and one's financial situation, the final section of financial modules explains specific issues or topics commonly encountered after finishing school. These modules discuss:
  • how to select the best credit card
  • how to avoid the crisis of losing your credit card
  • how to calculate tax deductions on student loans
  • when to consolidate student loans
  • how to correct errors on credit reports
  • when to use debit or check cashing cards
  • identity theft
  • bankruptcy

With up-to-date information, these modules will save you time and money. More importantly, they will help you regain the balance in your life between your finances and what is most important to YOU.

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