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Robert D. Manning, Ph.D.

Robert D. Manning, PhD is Professor and Chair of the Department of Business Administration at Prince Mohammad University in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. He is also Senior Research Fellow at Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance (IHELG), University of Houston Law School, Houston, Texas. Dr. Manning's research, expert testimonies, and public policy advocacy on behalf of consumers were instrumental in the enactment of the "Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009" or CARD Act. Furthermore, Dr Manning was one of the first scholars to forecast the US Financial Crisis in 2001. The documentary, IN DEBT WE TRUST: AMERICA BEFORE THE BUBBLE BURSTS, was a collaborative project with the late/great Danny Schechter AKA the News Dissector.

Dr. Manning is past Research Fellow at the FILENE Institute, past Director of the Center for Consumer Financial Services at Rochester Institute of Technology, and founder of the Responsible Debt Relief Institute. His path breaking Financial Capability Assessment System is available at MyMoneyEd.

Author of the widely acclaimed CREDIT CARD NATION (Basic Books, 2000), which received the 2001 Robert Ezra Park Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sociological Practice, Dr. Manning is a specialist in consumer finance, financial education, retail banking deregulation, race and ethnic studies, and globalization. His collaboration with Michael Hudson, "Banking on Misery," received the prestigious 2003 George K. Polk Award for investigative journalism and the 2004 Harry Chapin Award for Poverty Research while his path breaking study, "Credit Cards on Campus," received the 2000 Morris Rosenberg Research Award from the District of Columbia Sociology Society. His most last monograph, LIVING WITH DEBT, was published by in October 2005 and is available at Most recently, Dr. Manning was honored by the Case Western School of Law as the 2006 Frank J. Battisti Memorial Lecturer for Outstanding Contributions to the Law and Public Policy.

A frequently invited expert at U.S. Congressional Committee hearings (U.S. Senate Banking, Judiciary, U.S. House Financial Services), Professor Manning's research has influenced public policy debate on consumer debt in the US and several countries including Canada, UK, India, China, and Australia. Currently, he is involved in developing national financial literacy programs for college students, community-based alternatives to high cost rent-to-own stores, and an informal bankruptcy option for consumers whom seek to retain their homes. Dr. Manning is also co-organizer of the national "Fair and Responsible Lending" campaign which seeks to mobilize grassroots coalitions to reform the consumer lending/debt collection industries. He also has served as an expert witness/consultant in many federal, class-action, and civil suits on behalf of consumer borrowing rights.

A provocative documentary based on his research of the credit card industry, "IN DEBT WE TRUST: America Before the Bubble Bursts," was released in spring 2007. His next book, GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT, will be released in fall 2007 and he is currently writing a book on the global expansion of consumer credit and debt tentatively entitled CREDIT CARD WORLD. Dr. Manning's popular website includes research, public policy analyses, and educational programs at

Dr. Manning's research has been widely reported in the U.S. and international media including Sixty Minutes II, ABC World News, ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, ABC's Good Morning America (Diane Sawyer), Bloomberg Financial News, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, CNBC, CNN Headline News, Burden of Proof, C-SPAN, FOX Evening News, O'Reilly Factor, MSNBC with Brian Williams, Jim Lehrer News Hour (PBS), National Public Radio (All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, Weekend Edition), Voice of America, Jim Bohannon Show, Australian Public Radio, British Broadcast Corporation, Canadian Public Radio, Reuters International, and Swedish Public Radio.

His research has been cited or quoted in American Banker, American Prospect, Associated Press, Boston Globe, BusinessWeek,, Card News, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Chronicle of Higher Education, City Lights, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Consumer Reports, Cosmopolitan, Dallas Morning Herald, Detroit Free Press, Family Circle, Fortune Magazine, Gannett News, Knight-Ridder, Houston Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Money Magazine, Newsday, Newsweek, Newhouse News Service, The New York Times, New York Post, New York Magazine, The New Yorker Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Reuters,, San Diego Union, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Smart Money, Toronto Star, USA TODAY, US News & World Report, Village Voice, Washington Business Journal, Washington Post, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, Washingtonian Magazine, and White House Bulletin.

Dr. Manning is a past Fulbright Lecturer to Mexico and is a specialist in comparative economic development and race/ethnic relations. He received his PhD from The Johns Hopkins University, MA from Northern Illinois University, and BA from Duke University. His current work on "Globalization and Human Rights" is accessible at the Gannett Lecture Series website and will be published as "Globalization and Democracy: American Leadership or Autocracy in the New World Order?" in spring 2006

He is available through the American Program Bureau for speeches and lectures  to professional associations, corporate meetings and educational institutions.

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