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NOVICE (Step 1):

The Discussion That Mom and Dad Never Had With You
What Should Have Followed the "birds and the bees" Talk

Just the Basics AND take it SLOW! After that uncomfortable talk about
SEX, one of the most important and practical discussions your parents
conveniently forgot was the one about personal finance. No, not the
story about becoming a well-paid professional, wealthy real estate
investor, or fabulously rich dot-com founder. Rather, the basics on
managing your money and minimizing your expenses.

The problem--today--is that plastic money can miraculously "save the
day" when you "NEED" $ but then can lead to undisciplined financial
habits that can wreck your life. Like an athlete who suddenly stops
working out but does not adjust his/her diet, "easy credit" can lead to a
quick accumulation of "fat" or high cost debt. To get back your previous
physique, it means working harder than before (to pay back the debt
PLUS interest). And, if you refuse, financial delinquencies and a bad credit
report can ruin your chances for an apartment, new car, loan for
graduate school, a house, and even a job.

In step 1, you will acquire a basic "learners permit" for the practical and
most empowering use of credit cards. No surprises--yet. Just the basics
on interest rates (fixed versus variable), calculating finance charges
(average daily), the "grace" period, line of credit, how to read your
monthly statement, minimum payments, length of payoff of outstanding
balance, late fees, over limit fees, membership fees, contesting charges
or statement errors, charge versus credit cards, debit versus credit
cards, "courtesy" checks, and theft or loss of credit card. Real world
examples are briefly explained through interactive exercises with the
Debt Zapper Calculator and stress relieving tips on getting started with
your "Magic of Plastic." This step is available for only $10.

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