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SOOO Easy to Use, Who Needs to Read the Fine Print?
What the Credit Card Companies Don't Want You to Know

Well, what a surprise. That feeling of power and importance, which led to
those "necessary" and costly purchases--plus interest, has caught up
with you. Talk about a "sobering" reality! Yeah, it bites. The fun of spring
break in Cancun--and all those cervesas--is now only a fading memory.
Except that unrelenting monthly credit card statement with all those
extra charges and fees. Did you realize that these extra bills would mean
fewer weekends out? You not only can't afford dinner before the movie
but you have to work extra hours on the weekend. Bummer, DUDE!

So far, you've had the equivalent of a fender-bender which, in the real
world, means higher insurance premiums. Think finance charges. But, not
to fear, because in step 2, you will learn how to minimize the cost and
maximize the advantages of using your credit card(s). The goal is to get
you out of the repair shop and making your own decisions instead of
responding to the directives of the credit card companies. Yeah, Uncle
Citibank has turned into the academic Dean from--well, let's not go

Instead, we will examine "pre-approved" offers, "teaser" or low
introductory interest rates, "transferring" high interest debt to lower
interest credit cards, avoiding the courtesy check "rip-off," how and
when to insist on "free" annual memberships, how to "waive" penalty
(late, over limit) fees, whether to join a "frequent flier" credit card
program, why you don't want an arbitration addendum to your contract,
finding the membership benefits (which ones are best for you?), locating
the "hidden fees" in courtesy checks, taking and paying for a "cash
advance," and itemized annual statements.

Real world examples are briefly explained through interactive exercises
with the Debt Zapper Calculator and stress relieving tips presented for
maximizing the "Magic of Plastic." Also, a sample letter is provided for
contesting a charge or change to your credit card agreement.

And, in our quest for your financial empowerment, this step requires a
fee of only $10. This is much less than the annual membership fee that
you will no longer have to pay--not to mention hundreds of dollars in
other potential savings!

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