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Questionnaires will be available for US respondents in December.

These national surveys are being conducted in twenty countries over the next 3 years.

  • Phase I, Saudi Arabia (Spring, 2016)
  • Phase II, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE (Fall, 2016)
  • Phase III, US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Lebanon (Winter/Spring 2017)
  • Phase IV, India, France, Greece, Mexico (Summer/Fall 2017)
  • Phase V, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa (Winter/Spring 2018)

The first set of findings will be reported on the national survey of Saudi Arabia with over 2100 respondents from throughout the Kingdom. This benchmark study includes the first investigation into the role of Islamic culture in shaping attitudes to household consumption and use of consumer credit. The second study is the first investigation of the role of Marriage Dowries in rates of Entrepreneurship among young Saudi adults (Males and Females. The results will be published as a series of research reports, academic journal articles, and books.

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