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“Credit Card Nation should be required reading for the tens of millions of Americans in debt to the Visa of the world and deeply immersed in our credit-card-drive consumer culture. Manning neatly analyzes the many different groups of people being lured into increasing debt by the credit card companies. As strong indictment of those companies and a powerful warning to those of us addicted credit card use and debt."
—George Ritzer, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Maryland and author of The McDonaldization of Society.

“Manning's comprehensive approach to the cause of credit-card debt is far more compelling than the simple notion that aggressive marketing campaigns and solicitations alone have propelled the trend of credit card-based lifestyles... Manning insightfully traces may of the changes that have led to credit-card debt as a mainstay of consumer culture.”
—The Washington Monthly

“In Credit Card Nation, Robert Manning sounds an alarm that the credit industry does not want America to hear. In precise detail, he explains the techniques aggressive lenders are using to pick the pockets of the most vulnerable borrower--young, old, and working people with spotty credit records. Manning shows the role that predatory lending, high interest credit cards, and payday loans are playing in making the rich richer and the poor poorer.”
—Elizabeth Warren, Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard University and co-author of The Fragile Middle Class: American in Debt



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