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Modules 1 to 5 (Full Module List)


Lost Credit Card

Reviews the cardholders' financial liability for charge, credit, debit, and check-cashing cards. Explains procedures for reporting lost card(s) and lists the toll free numbers for major credit card companies. Discusses methods for creating electronic information files and ways to encrypt personal financial information. Examples are presented for systematically listing financial information and ways to establish free access through the internet.


Choosing the Best Credit Cards

Explains the specific features of a credit card that best serve one's individual needs. Classifies "best" cards according to whether the user pays off all charges in full at the end of the month ("convenience users") or carries a debt ("revolvers"). Lists the different services offered by various credit cards and those with lowest annual fees, longest grace periods, and best bonus programs (cash back, rebates, gifts). For those with credit card debt, explains how to efficiently combine the use of low interest credit cards (for transferring debt) with high-interest credit cards that offer many useful membership services (car rental insurance, purchase protection, discounts). Lists the phone numbers of the best deals.


Credit. Charge. or Debit?

Explains the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of electronic transaction options. Charge cards like American Express offer more services--with a high membership fee--without the option of revolving credit. Credit cards offer more cost efficient services but with charge limits, expensive finance charges, and costly fees. Debit/Check cashing cards offer the convenience of charge cards but without useful membership services or low liabilities in case of theft or fraud.


Secured Credit Cards

A poor credit history, student loan delinquency, recent bankruptcy, high debts of spouse, or even an income disruption may lead to rejection for traditional credit cards. Secured credit cards offer the convenience of credit cards and the opportunity to rebuild your credit worthiness. Explains the different features of this type of credit card, the most important services, and the best deals available.


New Tax Law Relief

Explains the most recent federal tax laws which offer deductions for interest paid on student loans as well as new tax credits for parents of students. Eligibility requirements are clearly presented and calculation of annual tax savings are explained by income tax bracket and by filing status (single vs. joint). Lists FREE IRS publications, phone numbers, and web site addresses.

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