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[Financial] REALITY BYTES:
NEW Tax Relief for Recent Graduates and Parents of College Students

For those Generation X'ers who complain about how life is unfair,
you are absolutely CORRECT. Your parents in particular and boomers in
general have had a much easier time paying for their college educations
without taking out depressingly large student loans. Yes, it bytes! But,
there is good news.

Beginning in 1998, new federal tax laws finally offer financial relief
for the debt weary. For recent college graduates, these new statutes
offer tax deductions worth hundreds of dollars annually. And, for parents,
two new tax credit programs offer "rebates" on the financing of higher
education--for undergraduate, graduate, and vocational students. For
information on who qualifies for these new deductions and how to
your tax relief in $s, check this module out:

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Didn't My Parents Have More Debt?:
    Causes and Consequences of Increasing College Costs
  2. What's the Real Deal?
  3. Calculating Loan Interest Deductions (After College)
  4. New Education Related Tax Deductions (For Mom and Dad)


To download this module REQUIRES a modest $10 charge

... A REAL BARGAIN when compared to the $$$ you will save!




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