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Program Implementation Models

[1] PEER EDUCATION. Lifestyle workshops conducted by student educators in a workshop format such as dorm advisors or academic counselors. (a) Dorm advisors conduct one or two workshops per month in teaching introductory and advanced financial education program modules or sequences

[2] FORMAL CURRICULUM. Incorporate into institutional programs such as 'life-skills' programs, consumer economics courses, freshmen general education courses (a) Required courses or course sequences that integrate Program topics or modules into formal curriculum

[3] STUDENT SUPPORT INITIATIVES. Specific financial topics and/or modules sponsored and presented by different college offices such as Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, Women's Center, Student Life. (a) A smorgasbord of different financial topics or education sequences that are regularly offered by respective college program, center, or department

[4] INTEGRATED INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAM. Design a combination of required courses and voluntary workshops/seminars for students and staff that address different experience and skill levels across the college throughout the academic year. Include peer education workshops as well as formal courses and required seminars.

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