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Advance Comments (back to books)

“A provocative, insightful analysis of the way credit cards have transformed the American marketplace and society.”
—Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director Consumer Federation of America

“From credit cards to predatory lending to pay-day loans, Robert Manning takes a thoughtful and comprehensive look at life on the financial edge, where credit comes at too high a price for those who can least afford it. Credit Card Nation also documents the disturbing emergence of a two-tiered structure for financial services in this country—one for middle- and upper-income individuals, another for lower-income, working people with no or impaired credit.”
—U.S. Representative John J. LaFalce (D-NY), Ranking Member, Committee on Banking and Financial Services

“Credit Card Nation is a rousing indictment of the new millennium's Robber Barons—the merchants of debt who prey on the young, the poor, the overextended. This is the book America's finance industry deserves.”
—Michael Hudson, co-author, Merchants of Misery: How Corporate America Profits from Poverty

“Robert Manning has carefully studied the rising tide of debt our nation’s young people have taken on, and he has thoughtfully considered the consequences. Although the warning signs have been ignored by many, his study should shed significant light on this looming problem. His warnings should be heeded by policymakers, politicians, and parents, and especially by corporations, who stand to lose the most if students ruin their credit records. How did we let it go this far?”
—Michael A. Olivas, author of Dollars, Scholars, and Public Policy: Financing College Debt in the 21st Century

“In Credit Card Nation, Manning provides insights to a pop culture in which economic and social trends have led to ever increasing consumer and student credit card debt.”
—Roger L. Witherspoon, John Jay College of Criminal Justice


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